Framing 3D Objects

Dealing with objects in 3D needs thinking out of the box and that is what we do in Jetts Art & Deco.

Put them in a box.

Acrylic Stand

A Perfect Stand made in acrylic specially designed to focus on your most treasured collection.

Framing Artefacts

without clashing or dominating the contemporary mood

An Artefact is a man-made object such as a tool or a decoration, especially one that is of historical interest.

Framing Medals of Awards & Distinction

Display with pride on your table or wall your awards of honours, distinctions & achievements. All in one together with your photo and award medals.
An Academic Distinction
An Academic Distinction
A State Award
A State Award
A Fantastic Achievement
A Fantastic Achievement

Frames With Fillets

A fillet is a small piece of moulding made of wood or polystyrene which fits inside a larger frame used for decorative purposes.

Fillets are available in a number of styles and finishes, including gold and silver leaf finishes.

They help to draw the eye inwards to the item being framed and bring out a different dimension in depth.

Framing Momento

Recalling that precious moment

Framing Jade

China’s Stone of Heaven

In an attempt to display Jade ornaments apart from ending up in a glass cabinet, owners now proudly display them an their walls in homes and offices.

Kiddie Corner

Create an ambient for your kids

My Crockery

Crockery & China ware with elaborate designs are abundantly found in many of the local Chinese Homes, mostly handed down by their forefathers. These are now proudly displayed in their present modern homes.

Portugal ceramic fish with white canvas block frame
Portugal ceramic fish with white canvas block frame
Portugal ceramic fish with white canvas block frame
Portugal ceramic fish with white canvas block frame
Vintage Rooster Saucers Small Plate
Vintage Rooster Saucers Small Plate
Vintage Porcelain Plate
Vintage Porcelain Plate

Frames for Large Posters

Framing Poster Art

Posters come in printed paper form of different sizes and treatment in framing needs specialised care and attention. Some may have aged but whatever it is Jeffs Art & Deco is simply dedicated in bringing out the best in them.

Specially Designed Frames

There are times when culture or fashion from a long lost era can be relived by tweaking traditional framing.

As Jeffs Art & Deco is located at the fringe of the George Town Heritage area, dominated mainly by strong Chinese Culture, items like these are abundant, passed down to the present generation who live in modern homes and at the same time needs to display their heritage to adorn the walls of their homes.

Frames for Shell Collections

These are specially designed frames to house 3D objects.

The Gems of the Sea

Never thought of this! If ever your trip to the sea-side, here is your opportunity to have them displayed and adorn your wall. It could be the first discovery by you or by your kids to remind us of our first trip to the sea-side.

You Bring We Frame

A Frame Maker encounters varied challenges at various times. People have walked in and ask to have their shoes framed, guitar, violin, clothes. At Jeffs Art & Deco we do our best to meet them.

Toys that Remind Us of our Youth

Jeffs Art & Deco view every case as a separate entity and will vow you with the end result.

Our youth flashes by but then the memories linger on. Toys that we had but now seem to set us wondering how they were once the most precious possession on earth.

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